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Refresh and revive your skin with our range of facials

Are you looking to feel good with a relaxing facial treatment? Perhaps you have a particular skin concern for which you need a solution?

At Skin Review, not only do we offer a range of beautiful, feel good facials, we understand that no two skins are the same. So, we take the time to get to know your skin and help you find the best facial for your individual skin needs and goals.

Our facial treatments go beyond the surface to nourish, refresh and revive your skin from the inside, to the outside.

You are unique and so are our facial treatments. Trust Skin Review to help you find your skin solution with a facial treatment for you.

Explore our facial packages and skin solutions…

Skin Solutions

At Skin Review, we work with Ella Baché products and treatments, to provide specialised skin solution for your skin that is as unique as you.

Each skin solution has been created specifically to target individual skin concerns, with each solution combining a series of products to help you achieve your desired results for your skin.

Explore our range of Skin Solutions and let us help you find the right solution for your skin.

Our Signature Experience

1h / $110.00

Improve your skin’s health with the facial that made Ella Baché famous – An individualised Facial Treatment tailored to suit your needs and the skin’s requirements that leaves skin looking and feeling radiant and healthy.

Treatment includes a professional Skin Diagnosis, double cleanse, vapour, exfoliation, treatment crème massage, mask and finishing with moisture protective crème.

Sort My Skin

30mins / $78.00

Are you experiencing congestion and inflammation? Target problem skin with this deep cleansing and extra-purifying action.

This solution will smooth skin texture, minimise harmful bacteria and control oil flow, for a fresh healthy complexion. Ideal for both young and adult skin.

Give Me Strength (SensiBeautics)

1h 10mins / $145.00

Want to give your skin a little more strength?
Promote your skin strength, resilience and calm with a deeply soothing SesiBeautics Facial Treatment. This treatment is designed to support delicate skin experiencing stress, sensitivity and inflammation.

Strengthen your skin and reduce stress today.

Clear My Complexion (Detox)

1h 10mins $139.00

Trying to clear your skin from blemishes?
An invigorating Detox Aromatique Facial Treatment is ideal for those experiencing toxic build up and blemishes. Our even-complexion massage assists with purifying and improving circulation, while specialised active ingredients refresh and oxygenate the skin, helping reduce inflammation and rebalance the skin.

A purifying and brightening charcoal mask will leave your skin looking clear and revitalised.

Turn Back Time (Eternal)

1hr / $159.00 1h 15mins / $189.00

Want help turning back time for your skin?
This luxurious, intensely volumizing Eternal Facial Treatment features an anti-ageing serum, an exclusive toning massage technique and a smoothing Morph-Mask with Caviar to firm, tone, plump, restore density and help restructure the skin.

Firm, tone, plump, restore density and help restructure your skin, for youthful-looking skin that is lifted, smoothed and sculptured.

Find My Balance

45mins $85.00

Feel your skin needs a little more balance? Rebalance your skin with a quick pick me up and improve moisture retention by restoring the pH balance. A comforting Facial Treatment designed to repair the acid balance.

Brighten Me Up (NeoBright)

1hr 10 mins / $140.00

Want to brighten up your skin?
Brighten, hydrate and give your skin a radiant glow with this potent NeoBright Facial Treatment. Kakadu Plum, Vitamin C and Papain Protein resurfacing enzymes help to unify the compaction and reduce the appearance of dark spots associated with pigmentation.

Prepare for your skin to be smooth, radiant, luminous and protected from free-radicals.

Help Me Hydrate (Hydra)

1h / $140.00

You can hydrate your body with water, but what about your skin?
Replenish moisture levels in extremely dry skin with an intensely hydrating Hydra Facial Treatment.

This hydrating treatment includes a specialised plumping massage and Intensive Extreme Regeneration Mask to tone, revitalise and brighten your complexion.

Stop the Clock (Spiruline)

1h 10mins / $149.00

Who doesn’t want to try to stop the clock when it comes to their skin?
Whilst we can’t stop the clock for you, we can help target premature ageing and fine lines with the Spirulines Facial Treatment.
A combination of Spirulina – rich in 220 life essential elements, powerful antioxidants and active ingredients help repair, smooth, plump and protect.

The Spiruline Wrinkle Firming Mask intensely firms, tightens and tones the skin, with the help of a Jade Gua Sha serum infusion.

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Lay back, relax, and trust that your skin is in the very best hands, with a facial treatment chosen for your individual skin needs and goals.

Facial Packages

Prices may change without notice

At Skin Review, not only are we here to help you take care of your skin, we want to help give you a little time out to relax too. So, we’ve created a range of facial packages to help.


1h 15mins / $149.00

Restore your skin with a comforting 45 minute Rebalance Facial Treatment, combined with a 30 minute relaxation back massage to soothe your soul and help you unwind.


2h 30mins / $275.00

Experience a luxuriously hydrating specialty Facial Treatment combined with a Radiance Eye Mask or Collagen & Peptide Eye Mask. Our Deluxe treatment doesn’t stop there… indulge in pure luxury with a 1 hour full-body massage and a hand treatment, for the ultimate experience.

Facial for Him

1h 15mins / $139.00

Who said facials were just for women? Men like you can look after their skin too with a Detox Facial and relaxing hand treatment.


1h 30mins / $159.00

Rejuvenate with our iconic 1-hour Ella Bache Signature Facial Treatment, followed by a 30 minute relaxation back massage and hand treatment.

Busy Girl Maintenance

45mins / $99.00

Too busy to sit in the salon for hours? Our Express Facial with eyebrow design is just for you.

Tailored Gift Packages

From just over an hour, to a long indulgent escape, choose from our Signature Collection range and Skin Solutions, or allow our therapists to tailor an individualised treatment package to suit you or your loved ones.

Gift vouchers are also available.

Contact one of our friendly beauty therapists for more information.

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Lay back, relax, and trust that your skin is in the very best hands, with a facial treatment chosen for your individual skin needs and goals.